Meet Melvin Moose

He used to love being a moose shifter, but then his antlers came in. Now they're making his life miserable,

exploding from his head every time he's near a girl.

Surviving high school has never been so hard.

Author of Children's and Young Adult Books

Meet A.J.

A.J. is a teacher, world traveler and writer. She can be found on Twitter @ajculey . . . unless T-Rab has stolen the laptop, in which case, he can be found @Tyrabbisaurus.

The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author Member

Meet Tyrabbisaurus Rex

He will not answer to the name Cuddle Bunny!

Or Snookums. Or Baby-Poo. Or Sweetie Pie.

His name is Rex, people, Rex, and he ROAAAARS at you

with the power of his mind!