A.J. Culey
Author of Children's and Young Adult Books

They released the ancestral magicks of Lutia upon an unsuspecting world.
Now they must find the courage to spin that wild power. 

After one hundred and thirty years, the magicks have finally been released. With them, though, come unexpected dangers and blessings. Wild and unclaimed, the magicks are transforming the world faster than its people can comprehend, infusing the lands with new life while bringing its people to the brink of war.

The Royals have decreed that none may spin the magicks, upon penalty of death, sparking whispers of rebellion everywhere. Sehmah and Takeem, considered traitors to the throne for releasing the magicks, have been forced to retreat into the mountains of Lixor to escape execution. Separated from them and taken against her will into spinner territory, Jennifer struggles to adjust to the magicks she’s unexpectedly absorbed and the pivotal role she now plays in a war she never wanted to be part of, in a world she never believed could be real.

Now that the magicks are free, spinning them may mean the end to them all.

Jennara in Flux

Vivid and imaginative world-building.”

- Nicole Peeler, author of the JANE TRUE series

Book II

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“A truly immersive fantasy experience.”
- Heidi Rudy Miller, author of the AMBASADORA series