“A truly immersive fantasy experience.”
- Heidi Rudy Miller, author of the AMBASADORA series

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Author of Children's and Young Adult Books

Sehmah's Truth

Samantha and her twin brother, Jonathan, spent their childhood creating an imaginary world beneath the willow tree in their backyard. Two years after her brother’s death, Samantha is unexpectedly transported to their fantasy world, where she meets Takeem, the hero of every story she’s ever written. With Takeem by her side and danger at every turn, Samantha discovers the world she created is nothing like she imagined. Having somehow landed in the middle of her own evolving story, she must now find the courage to live it.

He's the hero of her story. She's the architect of his world.

Book I

Vivid and imaginative world-building.”

- Nicole Peeler, author of the JANE TRUE series