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In a high school full of shifters,

the bunnies are the one causing the most trouble!


Paulie Porcupine's acorns have gone missing in THE TROUBLE WITH THIEVES and his prime suspects are the rabbit shifters. With the help of his best friend, Melvin Moose, Paulie's determined to recover his acorns and catch the bunnies in the act.

Katrina Tiger battles her predatory instincts in THE TROUBLE WITH TIGERS. It's all the bunnies' fault. If they didn't want her to take a nibble, they shouldn't smell so divine. Besides, there are so many of them, surely no one will miss one... or two... or ten.

Warning:  This book contains shifty teen language, which does include the occasional swear word. It is also full of rampant, teen hormones and the subsequent fallout.

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