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Join the read aloud fun with T-Rab!

With schools being out in Kansas for the rest of the school year, meaning no more school visits for me (either as a teacher or as an author) until much later this year, I've decided to release a read aloud from one of my books every school day until the end of the semester. Today's video features the first chapter of my latest Tyrabbisaurus Rex book, Tigernapped. I had a lot of fun with this as I'm sure you can tell!

It did take a bit longer than expected to get the video transferred from the online video recorder to my google drive (24+ hours !!! ), then downloaded to my laptop, then uploaded to YouTube, THEN fed over to my website, WHEW! So..... when I invite you in the video to join me tomorrow for another read aloud, just know that read aloud is now scheduled for Monday. Yes, I'll be taking my weekends off :) but otherwise, Mondays through Fridays, you can join me on my website for a brand new read aloud.


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