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In a high school full of shifters,

it's the hedgehog who poses the biggest threat.

Tessa Hedgehog has issues. She's deep into the quilling process, with more and more adult spines shoving their way to freedom every day and the itching is driving her mad.

Add in two pesky boys who won't leave her alone (what about GO AWAY do they not understand) and one interfering human who's determined to help (why she even thinks her help is wanted is anyone's guess), and Tessa's ready to spend the rest of high school balled up in her locker hiding from the world.

She may be little, but if people don't stop annoying her, they're going to feel the bite of her spines!

Warning:  This book contains shifty teen language, which does include the occasional swear word. It is also full of rampant, teen hormones and the subsequent fallout.

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